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Vapor Scrubbing

Global Vapor Control® (GVC) utilizes carbon-liquid combination scrubbers to provide vapor and odor destruction support on tanks, process equipment, vacuum trucks, and loading racks. Our experts identify if a project needs scrubbing and filtration to remove particles, halogenated compounds and oxides of sulfur and nitrogen, and determine which chemistry will provide the highest removal at an efficient pace and competitive cost.

Our vapor scrubber systems are designed with the combination of a high efficiency dual counter-flow packed column scrubber and the excellent adsorption capabilities of a carbon polishing vessel. The columns capture or neutralize most vapors flowing through, and the carbon bed takes care of any remaining VOCs, ensuring maximum destruction efficiency. GVC's vapor control process can capture up to 99.9% of vapors, making it the most reliable system in the industry.

Vapor Scrubbing Benefits

  • Combination units allow flexibility for the most cost-efficient solution
  • Up to 99.9% destruction efficiency of Acids, Amines, Acrylates, Mercaptans, Hydrogen Sulfide, Wastewater Odors and Hydrocarbons (BTEX, Etc.)
  • Proprietary chemicals for maximum destruction efficiency
  • Vacuum truck vapor scrubbers available
  • Temperature monitoring and emergency water quench systems
  • Easy replacement of carbon if necessary


•  Carbon-liquid combination

scrubbers for a wide range of applications

•  Up to 99.9% of vapors


•  Advanced safety features

•  Cost-effective solution


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