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Storage Tank Degassing

Advanced thermal oxidizing technology and team of specialized Global Vapor Control® (GVC) engineers and operators make us the leading choice for safe degassing and vapor control of storage tanks. From emergency call-outs to managing long-term degassing needs for entire tank farms, we have experience doing it all.

Cost-effective Solutions for 99.9% Destruction

Our fleet is engineered with a high-capacity, dual blower system, variable speed controls and shortened combustion chamber to minimize retention time and maximize production processes. Our retention rate of .75 seconds, 25% faster than the mandated standard, is the most efficient in the industry that still achieves the required 99.9% destruction rate for VOCs. This technology and process is specifically designed for GVC units, allowing us to optimize your project timeline.

Improved Mobility

Our specially designed fleet not only provides a fast destruction efficacy, but its reduced footprint also allows for increased mobility. This distinctive feature makes it ideal for jobs like terminals, where easy maneuvering around tanks is a necessity, and creates an advantage in populated areas, where larger equipment poses an incident risk.

Safety at the Forefront of Every Job

GVC meets the demand for safe vapor control techniques and permit compliance with an advanced fleet and experienced team. Our safety supervisors, under the direction of a safety director, conduct onsite audits, review safety systems and processes, and administer rigorous safety trainings beyond standard requirements. We also employ an excellent maintenance crew to perform routine TO inspections and mechanical tune-ups.

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Tanks Serviced

•  Fixed-roof tanks

•  External floating roof tanks

•  Internal floating roof tanks

•  Pressurized tanks

•  LNG tanks

•  Underground vessels


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