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RTO Turnaround

Our Global Vapor Control® (GVC) fleet of thermal oxidizers (TOs) is a convenient and cost-effective support system when a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) is not enough to handle a project or is out of service. Our experts are available 24/7 with mobile units to perform emergency vapor control that prevents costly permit violations.

Using a custom engineered flow system and our advanced TO fleet, GVC provides turnaround solutions that satisfy not only the requirements of a RTO, but also verify 100% permit compliance. Our experts take into account stream content, permit regulations, pressure, and any additional special requirements when temporarily supporting or replacing an RTO. Additionally, our TO’s are designed with a reduced footprint and easy mobility, making them ideal in crowded and high-traffic situations.

Using a combination of units equipped with advanced technologies, GVC can also provide a FlareFreeTM turnaround in certain situations.

A Dedicated Environmental Department

New permitting requirements, such as the recent Refinery Sector Rule, establish stricter controls on refineries and process units, regulating visible flare emissions and releases by pressure release devices. Our in-house Environmental Department works closely with Project Managers to ensure that our solutions meet not only the 99.9% destruction efficiency requirement, but also any additional permit regulations for that region, no matter how stringent.

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