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Permit Compliance Support

Ensuring permit compliance without the proper knowledge or support can be hectic and costly. Wrong permits, undocumented information, incorrect verbiage, emissions releases and deviations can all lead to “non-permit compliance,” which translates into excessive fines, audits or even lawsuits.

Global Vapor Control® (GVC) has a dedicated Safety and Environmental department with in-depth knowledge of the permitting process, environmental regulations and emissions compliance. Our team carefully reviews each job and provides support to protect you from costly fines resulting from violations.

All of our units meet EPA established safety and compliance standards, and our Environmental team also provides highly detailed documentation of the entire process, adding a level of convenience to your project that positively affects the bottom-line.

Permit Support

  • Environmental department safeguards against fines and audits by providing support in obtaining and reviewing the right permits for the job, documenting compliance, and answering additional questions

GVC Fleet Specifications

  • Digital chart recorders produce an automated, highly-detailed emissions report, backed up with manual recordings from a trained unit operator
  • External ambient LEL monitors capture emissions readings in the surrounding environment, providing an additional safety feature to protect you and the community
  • Dual safety shut-off systems ensure thermal oxidizers are at proper temperatures and destruction efficiencies, protecting you from permit violations
  • Alternative Monitoring Program (AMP) Permit approved for all regions



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