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With our corporate headquarters located in the heart of the gulf coast, we know oil and gas. Safety is our priority in every degassing and vapor control project, and we’re skilled at thoroughly examining permits, chemical contents, vessels and scope of work to provide the best possible solutions. We have extensive experience working throughout the country doing small to large scale jobs in both planned and emergency situations. We’ve developed a process that begins with an in-depth consultation and ends with 100% compliance.

Let’s begin

  1. During our first conversation, one of our knowledgeable consultants will gather and identify all the necessary details on your project, schedule, resources, limitations, and permit requirements, as well as additional relevant information.
  2. After a thorough analysis, our experts will propose a job solution that satisfies your project goals, mitigates limitations and provides 100% compliance, all at a competitive cost.
  3. Our unofficial motto is, check it once, check it twice, on everything. This means that once the proposal is accepted, we perform an additional walkthrough at the job site, double-checking safety, scope of work, estimates, permits and answering any additional questions.
  4. With the second sign-off, we get moving. Our thermal oxidizers and connections are checked again for safety and compliance, and operators begin the process. Our equipment is optimized with dual-safety shut-off systems and dual flame arrestors to protect both your property and our unit. It is also equipped with dual air systems to ensure proper dilution at an efficient pace. And we also supply two operators, so you don’t have to divert valuable company resources to help us do our job. Automated and manual readings are recorded and available to the client throughout the duration of the project.
  5. Once the vessel is vapor controlled or completely degassed, we provide you with highly detailed reports verifying 100% compliance. Our units, which have increased mobility due to their reduced footprint, are transported out of your facility, and your company resumes normal operations.


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